Best Practices

What is Best Practices?

Best Practices refers to the quality of patient care as is enabled by the innovative and practical use of EMR technology. Best Practices = Smarter Technology & Higher Performance.

Best Practices Sample Client List

Canadian Health Systems Inc. supports the pursuit of best practices and wants to recognize the following groups for their dedication to continous improvement and high quality patient care:

Appletree Medical Group

EMR Advantage® user Appletree Medical Group is the largest multi-specialty group of physicians and specialists in Canada. Caring for over 450,000 patients through its 36 health centres across Ottawa and the GTA, EMR Advantage® is the backbone that enables Appletree Medical Group to run its offices efficiently and make healthcare more accessible to all Ontarians.  

Centre for Dermatology

The Centre for Dermatology &
Cosmetic Surgery

Since its foundation in 1999, Dr. Mani Raman and his experienced team of Dermatologists, Aestheticians and Cosmetic Nurses have been offering cosmetic procedures using the most contemporary and advanced technology.  The adoption of EMR Advantage® has allowed the Centre for Dermatology to unify all team members and deliver a seamless flow of medical information across the clinic. This allows the team to focus on researching new products and techniques while performing advanced cosmetic procedures that minimize discomfort and provide smooth, natural effects.  Together with EMR Advantage® the Centre for Dermatology provides each patient with the best care possible.

  The Toronto Dermatology Centre

Founded by Dermatologists Dr. Benjamin Barankin and Dr. Anatoli Freiman, the Toronto Dermatology Centre is a beautiful, unique and complete skin care clinic that specializes in treating both primary dermatological conditions as well as providing cutting edge esthetic rejuvenating modalities. The Toronto Dermatology Centre utilizes state-of-the-art technology and offers the newest, most-effective treatments to optimize the skin of its patients. In partnership with EMR Advantage® the Toronto Dermatology Centre is able to execute its practice philosophy and put the patient first - gaining a reputation for being one of the premiere cosmetic clinics in Canada.

Athlete's Care

Athlete's Care is one of the largest and most comprehensive groups of sports medicine clinics in the Greater Toronto Area.

Founded in 1997, the Athlete’s Care team consists of a core group of sport specialists including, orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and other related health care professionals.Since converting from their previous EMR, they have grown from 5 centers to 25 centers and now serve patients across the GTA as well as Ottawa.

EMR Advantage® has allowed Athletes Care to grow in a manner and at a rate which was not previously possible. With all locations connected electronically through EMR Advantage's 'boosted cloud' architecture, Athlete’s Care provides a superior practice environment for its practitioners and the highest level of quality care and connectivity for its patients.

National Access Cannabis

National Access Cannabis (NAC) is one of Canada`s best practices leaders in developing safe, responsible and conscientious access to legal medical marijuana. It is an innovative and centralized organization established to support and improve the quality of life of patients with challenging health conditions where marijuana is prescribed for their medical treatment.

With ambitious plans to develop a large network of clinics, NAC chose the EMR Advantage platform from among the 22 other EMR's available in Canada. It is the only platform that was architected robustly enough and developed specifically to enable large chains of clinics and large medical groups to achieve better enterprise efficiency, accountability and operating functionality at large scale.

NAC works closely with health professionals, law enforcement and Health Canada to ensure the appropriate use of legal marijuana for qualified patients. NAC has created and continues to expand networks of responsible care centers across Canada to help both patients and healthcare professionals navigate the complex medical marijuana system. EMR Advantage allows NAC to grow while maintaining control of service consistency
and operational excellence.

NAC works within federal and provincial laws and the guidelines of Health Canada's MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations). NAC is committed to responsibility and safety through its secure non-transferable medical marijuana access card system. The system was developed in consultation with law enforcement across the country. The card assures police that patients are legally authorized by Health Canada to use medical marijuana.

NAC has also been working closely with pharmacy professionals to enhance vigilance for public and patient safety. This collaborative work is enabled by Canadian Health Systems Inc.'s extensive experience in connecting pharmacy, doctor and patient, on one connected and scalable care platform.

The Sound Room

The Sound Room Ear & Hearing Health Centre enhances the practice of audiologists, speech language pathologist and ENTs by providing all three services in one multi-disciplinary establishment. The EMR Advantage® platform facilitates communication between all different Sound Room professionals and greatly improves the delivery of care to patients, young and old. EMR Advantage® also serves as an ideal means for storing clinical data necessary for the internal research program conducted by The Sound Room in collaboration with academic institutions, public institutions and industry.

Vital Steps Logo

Vital Steps

Vital Steps is a Fitness Studio staffed by certified professional trainers that is committed to helping clients succeed in realizing their health goals. When Vital Steps looked for a system to help clients achieve better health outcomes, the EMR Advantage® platform was an obvious choice. EMR Advantage® allows Vital Steps to keep track of the past and current health progress of its clients while incorporating future health goals into each session all with the touch of a pen.

Click here to view a live client testimonial and select CHS Testimonial from the list of videos.


Ontario Wound Care Inc

Incorporated in 2005, Ontario Wound Care Inc. is a charitable organization that offers treatment for chronic non-healing wounds utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  Under the leadership of Dr. Ron Linden, Ontario Wound Care Inc. conducts research and provides treatment for approximately 250 patients a year from its state-of-the-art facility in Toronto, Ontario. The adoption of EMR Advantage® has allowed Ontario Wound Care Inc. to streamline its workflow and integrate all staff members within the clinic. Most importantly, EMR Advantage® Tablet has simplified previously complicated tasks, allowing Ontario Wound Care Inc. to focus on what is most important - providing exceptional, leading edge care.


What Our Clients Say About Us:

"Ophthalmologists work quickly and need to see several past visits at a glance. My partner and I love the mobility. Also, the scroll feature where you can just “speed scroll” down the past visits from the SOAP page that you’re writing on is really innovative and saves me a lot of time."

Dr. S. M., Ophthalmologist

"I left my previous practice because of their EMR! It required me to type and didn’t let me walk around while jotting notes and dictating. My new group uses EMR Advantage and I was up and running in an hour. I’ve tried different EMR’s, but this one is the best by far!"

Dr. R. E., Internal Medicine

"EMR Advantage solved problems I wasn’t even thinking of until I became pregnant and our group needed to get a locum in. Our vendor, Canadian Health Systems was a big help, they already knew of locum doctors that wanted to work in offices that used the EMR Advantage system, having used it themselves elsewhere. It’s so intuitive and easy to use that when colleagues came to see the practice, they were able to use it right away and liked it immediately and joined."

Dr. L. S. Family Practice

“…This system is the reason I decided to join this practice over the others that were wooing me, I love this system…”

Dr. A. F. Dermatologist

"The EMR Advantage system is designed around how you really practice.
I never believed that anyone would be able to create an actual system that works the way I work, and that really does save me time. I work in a large group and each of us practices differently. The EMR Advantage system allows us each to do our own style of practice, but with a common administrative platform that has pretty much automated out all of the routine tasks that run our office. We’ve reduced staffing by 30% and yet the office is running far more effectively than it ever did before. We’re very happy with the system and the support from Canadian Health Systems has been excellent."

Dr. D. B. Obstetrics & Gynecology

"Our group has reduced our operating expenses by 30-40 % in the first full year of being on EMR Advantage. We were hoping for a good R.O.I. but what it has delivered has been way beyond our expectations. I think part of the reason it is making such a huge difference is the embedded practice management logic, which automates everything we count on, like calling patients back, confirming appointments and sending letters automatically. Our doctors and staff are really glad we moved forward with it and it continues to improve with each new update."

Dr. T. B. Family Practice

" We have 5 sports medicine centers across the GTA with over 50 professionals, including Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists , Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and RMT’s. This system is streamlining and standardizing our entire operations. The system connects the whole group and allows us to centralize key jobs like telephone management and accounting functions. Because it runs locally, we don’t have to worry about the internet ever being down and the system is very fast. We have had 100% acceptance from our doctors and staff, which was initially a concern. The support from CHS has been fast and professional. They also provided training updates as needed and we feel well taken care of. We had specialized reporting needs and they developed exactly what we needed in real time. We want to continue growing and being able to attract and retain the best doctors is the key to that. This system is an important part of our growth planning. We are very glad we chose EMR Advantage."

Mr. S. B. Physiotherapist/Clinic Owner

"EMR Advantage enables you to add services and increase income.
In my allergy practice, my staff does the testing so I use EMR Advantage to ensure they follow the testing protocols and document the cases properly to save me time. The embedded protocols and templates for allergy practice are a great feature. It cut down my training costs to almost nil and saves me about 2 hours a day now."

Dr. P. K. Clinical Allergy/Immunology

"After turning on the EMR Advantage system, our staff had a lot more time available. We asked CHS to send in a trainer to train our staff so we could add a foot care program and hearing testing with our physicals. If we had to generate the training materials ourselves it would have taken us a lot of time and taken longer. Three weeks later, our staff were fully trained on their new skills. The templates they use are in the EMR Advantage system which allows us to delegate safely and supervise even while in the other exam room."

Dr. P. H. Family Practitioner

"My hand writing is illegible so I like to use templates and dictate my charts straight into the EMR Advantage system. My colleagues write their notes or use templates. It doesn’t really matter how you want to do your notes since it allows you to do it any way you want. We really liked that flexibility built into the system. Dr. _______ even stayed on paper for the first 6 months and it let him do that while we went paperless, so it was an easy integration into our clinic. After seeing us using it and seeing how much easier our lives were he came around, now even he uses it, dictating his letters and writing his notes on the system, but without the paper. We’re very happy with how it works for us."

Dr. M. M. Family Practitioner

"I like the ability to take pictures alongside the note. That’s my favorite feature of our EMR Advantage system. It saves me more than a thousand words!"

Dr. R. B Family Practitioner

"I enjoy practicing in solo practice. EMR Advantage has automated all the work flow to the point that I feel I have all the resources of a larger group without having to leave my office. It has reduced my secretary’s workload enormously."

Dr. S. W. Family Practitioner (solo practice)

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