• The EMR Advantage Platform

    Provide Your Patients the Best Care
    by providing your Doctors with the Best EMR System
    • Award Winning, Industry Leading, Simply Amazing to Use!
    • Intuitive design, Mobile, Scalable, Time-Saving & Connected
    • Designed to let practitioners focus on the patient, not the computer
    • Modules Designed for all Specialties and Primary Care
    • Billing rules optimized per Province and per Country

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  • Dedicated Small Hospital EHR platform

    Comprehensive hospital in-patient EHR including:
    • A&E (Emergency Room) management
    • Diagnostic Imaging clinics
    • Lab specimen collection clinics
    • Outpatient clinics
    • Allied Health clinics

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  • Administrative Services

    Leverage our decades of practice management experience:
    • Support your operations and reduce costs by using our contact center staffing services
    • Let our trained staff take care of your back office administrative
    • call handling
    • appointment booking
    • referral management
    • scanning and file import
    • claims management, billing and coding

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End-to-End Practice Management System

Award winning EMR, #1 in ease of use and workflow design.



Our EMR Advantage® platform has won numerous awards recognizing its deep functional capabilities and ease of use. We are recognized internationally as EMR industry leaders with many digital firsts and awards. Our clients are supported by the best training and support in the industry.

Award Winning EMR

EMR Advantage provides powerful, real-world benefits over traditional and older electronic medical record systems.

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Patient Portal

Allow your patients to book appointments, update their information, and monitor the status of their test results 24/7.

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Hospitals and Health Systems

Our specialized EHR system offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution tailored to the unique needs of small hospitals, enhancing workflow and patient care.

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Virtual Care

We are integrated with an award winning virtual care platform. Our communication hub allows you to manage your practice through text, video, phone and chat modalities. Practice the way you want!

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Self-Registration Kiosk

The EMR Advantage kiosk improves the registration process by allowing patients to check-in for an appointment or register for a walk-in visit in the language of their choice.

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Reduce staff workload and burnout by using our backend administrative services. Improve services for patients while improving the work environment for your staff and practitioners. A quieter clinic is a happier clinic.

Call Handling

Let our dedicated staff handle your phone calls.
We can manage your inbound and outbound traffic. All calls are properly documented.
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Document Handling

Scanning and file import must be kept up to date. Let our staff perform your document classification and record importing into EMR or EHR systems for you. We are your invisible workforce.

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Management Reporting

You will be able to plan better, manage better and reach your goals easier with the professionals at CHS as your administrative partners.

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