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Your office or organization likely receives an overwhelming amount of ‘mail’. Via fax, mail, and electronically. Document Handling and Record Importing into EMR or EHR systems, pharmacy systems, or other document management systems can be time-sensitive and expensive to do on-site. Prescription requests or corrections, Stat results, Important communications from other offices all need to be available to your staff from within your system as quickly as possible. This can be difficult to manage in a busy office environment where staff has to balance different priorities. Likewise having this service available 7 days a week even when your offices are closed ensures timely turnaround and better client service.

Our Services Can:
  • Reduce the error rate associated with document classification and filing.
  • Ensure documents are handled in real-time so they are available in your system when needed.
  • Follow the document handling rules of your organization.
  • Save you significant amounts of time and money, while allowing your staff to do higher value-added activities.
Working For You 7 Days a Week

This service is available 7 days a week, so the process does not need to be attached to your normal staffing hours, enabling faster turnaround times for access to results and other documents from within your system.

For specialty practices, inbound referrals can also be managed concurrent with the file import process if desired, meaning quicker turnaround on referrals to your practice(s). Certain jurisdictions require that referring offices be notified within a short time of receipt of a referral request. This is more easily managed out of office and away from the many distractions that occur during a normal office day.

We adhere to all