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Award Winning EMR

Our EMR Advantage platform has won numerous awards recognizing its deep functional capability and ease of use. We continue to introduce industry leading innovations.
Our platform is used across Canada, OMD certified, ISO 13485:2016 certified QMS and used internationally. Local, hybrid-cloud and full-cloud platforms are included. Connect anytime anywhere.

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Patient Portal

Allow your patients to book appointments, update their information, and monitor the status of their test results 24/7. Our portal allows you to automate workflows while engaging your patients.

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Hospitals and Health Systems

Our dedicated small hospital Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is a game-changer for hospitals and health systems that are looking for a solution that is specifically designed around their unique needs. Unlike other EHR systems that are often designed with larger hospitals in mind, our system is tailored specifically to meet the needs of smaller hospitals, their physicians, nurses, staff and patients.
Our EHR system is incredibly intuitive in design and workflow making it the most user-friendly of EHR systems. With our system, healthcare providers can easily access and manage patient information, streamline their workflows, make their orders and order sets, receive results in real-time, all to improve the quality of care they provide. Our dedication to providing a comprehensive and cost-effective EHR solution that meets the needs of smaller hospitals sets us apart from the competition. Our clients can be proud to offer a system that truly makes a difference in the lives of both providers and patients.

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Virtual Care

Our Virtual Care is fully integrated with the patient’s chart and the practitioners schedules. We make hybrid practice safer and more natural.

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Self-Registration Kiosk

Completely integrated with our EMR Advantage platform. The self-registration kiosk application allows our clients to run an efficient practice while focusing on the most important task – providing exceptional patient care. It also improves the registration process by allowing patients to check-in for an appointment or register for a walk-in visit in the language of their choice.

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Our EMR Advantage platform adapts to your clinicians, patients, and clinic workflow needs.
CHS provides the Premier EMR system with comprehensive training and support.