Plan better, execute better, reach your goals easier.

Organizations and practices, big and small, benefit when they have a thorough understanding of the activities that their administration undergo on their behalf. You will be able to plan better, execute better and reach your goals easier with the professionals at CHS as your administrative partners.

  • If your organization has established KPIs and management reporting standards, we will adhere to them.
  • If your organization has not yet established KPIs or management reporting standards, we will help you establish ones that are relevant to know how well your organization or practice(s) are functioning.

Knowing your call volumes, the types of calls you are handling, and the service levels you are providing can be very reassuring.


Each client has a dedicated CHS representative who will provide you with the information your team needs as well as insights from the data that will enable you to make management decisions.

Our system-based approach will enhance your overall services, while providing recommendations to your team about how to automate or reduce any unnecessary activities or costs you may not have been aware of or which were previously unmanaged.

  • For larger organizations, we will meet your reporting requirements and work with your teams to enhance them over time.
  • For smaller organizations, we will provide you with industry-best reporting on a consistent basis. You will be amazed how useful this data is to your organization.