Specialization leads to improved service quality.

Let our dedicated staff manage your call handling. We handle inbound, outbound and all calls are properly documented. We are IT, EMR, and Phone system agnostic, we will work on the platform your staff currently use or we can provide a system that will save your staff time and enhance efficiencies in administration. We will develop proper training materials with your team, if you don’t have these already or if your current materials need updating or revision. Our staff are your staff and will follow the rules of your organization or practice.

Inbound Calls
  • Setting up an appointment/booking/handling appointments.
  • Referral management.
  • General Inquiry and Message and Call Handling.
  • Call escalation when appropriate.
  • Properly documented in your system.
Outbound Calls
  • Appointment management.
  • Referral management and notification.
  • Notifications and patient reminders.
  • Callbacks.
  • Preventive care programs.
  • Surveying and marketing.
  • Our staff are your staff, we follow your rules.
  • Calls are escalated or transferred in real-time according to your standard operating procedures.
  • The importance of documentation is often obvious in retrospect.
  • Busy offices and staff sometimes have difficulty capturing the information you need for future use.
  • Our staff is trained to provide you with accurate and useful documentation for each call, inbound or outbound.