Our organization’s mission is To Create A Better Practice Environment for Practitioners, whether it be in hospital, community or virtual. In short, what this means is: providing an IT environment that delivers better tools, allowing for happier staff, better patient engagement and less time-loss to all involved in the health system. That is what our platform delivers.


CHS was founded by a group of practice management veterans, doctors and experienced HIT leaders in 2007. Drawing on 100 years of combined experience, CHS set out to improve the impact of Health IT on the practice environment and in so doing the access to and the quality of health care provided.

Our Unique

What we have built over the past 15 years is truly unique in the world. We have built a complete, connected and very cost-effective digital health system platform for entire communities. Simple to implement, easy to use and powerful in its capabilities to deliver a better functioning health care system.

Questioning the
Status Quo

We started on our journey by questioning some fundamental assumptions. Specifically, why does any community or country have to spend such exorbitant amounts to run a health system properly? Why should a health system drain 8-12% of a country’s GDP, while demanding that half of that amount be spent on administration and of the remaining half, another half of all the practitioners’ time also be spent on administrative activities? This leaves only 25% of a health care budget for actual patient care and resources.


CHS started in the community forming digital EMR health networks and we created an evolving system that dramatically cut the workload for all those in a community practice environment, both administrators and practitioners. What we have been able to achieve is a significant and consistent improvement in care access, with a concurrent reduction in operating costs.

Facing Tools

We developed patient facing tools that allow better navigation and also allow patients to participate in those aspects of their care that are most practical, from appointment management to pre-visit triage and access to results, all with a rules-based structure managed by the provider’s facility to ensure alignment with the practices objectives.

Adapting to
the Future

We also saw long ago that remote patient management; home hospital and virtual care were all inevitably going to become more important in improving access to care on the patient’s terms and we built intelligent and easy to use systems that ensured a safe provision of care into these models.

Evolving our
EHR Platform

Working with a small private hospital we then began evolving our hospital based EHR platform with the same attention to detail. Making the user experience simple, the workflows replicate the known workflows and allowing the users to input with their own preferred method, while maintaining a common charting and administrative environment.

Our Experience
and Flexibility

In our experience, every organization will have common pathways, but also very specific needs and integrations and we have built a very solid reputation for implementing these custom integrations and applications with our system. This flexibility means that we do not have to follow a ‘one-solution for every client’ model, rather we take time to listen and to document the actual goals and plans of our clients, then produce a project plan to implement the system to achieve their specific goals.

Looking to the

We are always looking to the future, ensuring our clients are prepared. It is said that technology is like a tiger, you either ride it or get eaten by it. Our goal is to ensure our clients ride comfortably into the future, bringing all their stakeholders with them as they focus on continual improvement in healthcare delivery.

Some Important

Our leadership team introduced the first touch screen kiosks into healthcare 30 years ago, the first acute-care wait time and navigation tools 20 years ago, we were among the first to really study and implement useful patient portals as well 15 years ago. CHS won the coveted National Microsoft Impact award for best application software in 2017 and were the runner up for the national IOT Impact award in 2018. We have also received awards from the College of Physicians and Surgeons for our self-registration kiosks and also our patient pre-visit triage system and virtual care platform. CHS is also a leader in integrating voice-driven functionality, scribe integration in charting and are in advanced stages of investigating the application of AI to workflow management and medical charting. Not all of these innovations will be immediately important to our clients depending on their goals and stages of digitization, but it can be reassuring to know that your health system, your hospital and your community of care can move progressively and confidently into the future with CHS as your partner.