Providing a Better Hospital Environment
for all your stakeholders
Your Physicians and Nurses

It is well documented that the legacy of cumbersome, slow and non-mobile large hospital EHR’s are now the leading contributor to physician and nurse burn-out, stress and workplace dissatisfaction. Our EHR is designed to minimize administrative time loss for busy practitioners. The intuitive design does not force a compromise between digitizing your hospital at the expense of physician and nurse mobility and efficiency. Allowing your practitioners to enter information in the format of their choice, whether it be by voice, keyboard or stylus, supplemented by individualized macros and order sets, genuinely saves them cognitive load while they see and provide care for their patients. It should be self-evident to administrators that when choosing and introducing a digital system into a workflow, any workflow, the new system should improve the user’s experience and they should see immediate benefit from its use. Making your doctors and other practitioners happy in practice should be a top priority of every hospital and having an EHR that they actually enjoy using can be a key part in your recruitment and retention strategy.

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Your Staff

As with your clinicians, we put a strong focus on usability and intuitive design and workflow. Happy staff who have less, not more, administrative workload can provide a more caring and welcoming environment for everyone. We feel that well designed software should reduce staff members’ stress and this in turns drives efficiency.

Your Patients

Our system provides patient-centric tools that allow patients to be directly involved in the relevant aspects of their care. Our Patient Portal is simple in design and allows for your community of patients to manage their bookings, access records, understand discharge instructions and contribute to their home monitoring processes based on each organizations own rules around this access and interaction. A well designed portal also fosters growing community engagement with your patient population.

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Connected to the Community

Our Hospital EHR is seamlessly connected to your community practices’ and Emergency Department’s EMR, allowing for a completely connected health system that provides complete continuity of care for all of the members of your community. Our award winning EMR platform is best in class and can be deployed concurrently into your outpatient and community facilities, clinics and private offices. Having end-to-end record continuity also allows for better public health reporting, sentinel system capability, and budgeting for care.

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Senior Management and Governance

Whether you are running a public health system or a private health network for a defined community of practitioners and patients, our reporting tools are designed to allow for better real world outcome measurement, disease trend monitoring, clinical and administrative service measurement, budgeting and planning. The 3M’s approach of Monitoring, Measuring and Managing a health system are built into our robust suite of reporting tools. Reporting tools are customizable and for Ad Hoc reporting our built in tools enable even the most complex of query.

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Implementation and Training

Our focus in on people. Empowering people to work as a team and provide the best care possible to their patients Our implementation process follows a proven, step-by-step process to ensure that all of your staff, practitioners, administrators and contractors are properly trained and are able to use your EHR system to its full potential. We use a mixture of in-person, remote, video and written training to ensure we are training your teams in the manner that best suits their needs and learning styles. We have a 15 year history of successfully training staff in many different healthcare environments on our platform and are recognized in the industry for our training systems and the thoroughness of our approach. We recognize that your health IT systems are there to serve the users and that they need to feel comfortable in their daily use. Every job in healthcare is hard, we believe that in adopting a new system the process should provide and high-light immediate benefits and gains in the workplace. Tailoring our approach to each specific client’s needs, our training process and our software ensures this.

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Knowledge Transfer and Economic Opportunity for your Community

We have developed a unique and powerful model of knowledge transfer that can be turned into economic opportunity for communities implementing our EHR and EMR systems. Whether this is an important option or opportunity for your community can be discussed during our discovery meetings. In some cases the economic opportunity to a small community or country, for example a WHO defined ‘SIDS’ country, can completely liquidate the actual cost of implementing and using our system permanently.

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No Hidden Upsell

Our organization rejects the ‘choke-hold’ model of software provision. All costs are clearly identified, allowing for our clients to stay on budget and stay on project plan. Our system is modular and we recognize that every health system will require ongoing customization based on real world feedback, so that the governing body or institutions can evolve their system in tandem with their community goals and with the goals of their hospital and health system at large. We also recognize that not every activity has to be digitized, and further digitization and connectivity can be brought into the project plan as goals evolve with use of the EHR system. We value our client partnerships. It is your institution and we are there to work with you to achieve your goals. We can share best practices and innovations, but it is your institution and we work for you. Our EHR system and its implementation process anticipates the concurrent and ongoing use of current systems on paper as well as other IT systems. Systems that are already serving their purpose do not need to be replaced, the workflows can be integrated. Digitization occurs based on the plans of the client. This ensures not only buy-in from the users, but also the logical application of software to improve and connect workflows, without disrupting ones that already work well in your current environment.

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Pairing our Hospital EHR with our community EMR Advantage platform

Our Award-winning community based EMR platform is called the EMR Advantage system. It seemlessly connects to the A&E or ER departments EMR Advantage system and likewise to the community hospital’s EHR Advantage platform. It is insurance system agnostic and we support clients on all coding systems. We have clients on ICD-8, ICD-9, ICD-10 and ICD-11. Our community system, detailed elsewhere on our site ensures that community practices can function quickly, efficiently and with less error. The system is mobile and flexible to a practitioners own charting style. This ensures more complete records, that are shared with the A&E/ER and with the hospital when patients are admitted or seen in outpatient clinics or receive diagnostic tests in labs, DI or other facilities. The major legacy large hospital systems are simply too ‘clunky’ to deploy in community-based practices as they destroy productivity and contribute to burn out, just as they do in the hospital environment, but even more so in the fast-paced out-patient clinic or office setting. Canadian Health Systems provides a truly unique connected health system that can be implemented into any community, reducing stakeholder time loss while improving the coordinated longitudinal care of the entire patient population.

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