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Our Platform Advantages

Canadian Health Systems Inc. offers a ground-breaking electronic medical records (EMR) software designed to enable you to perform at your best. EMR Advantage® is a fully integrated electronic medical records system that allows physicians to perform all standard practice related tasks – and more! Our software is remarkably easy to use and incorporates many sophisticated features required by physicians to run a more efficient practice.

Tablet or Desktop–Your Choice
  1. Streamline your charting with our innovative EMR system that is hardware agnostic. EMR Advantage works on both desktops and tablets, at home or in office it is fully mobile, and can be used to chart using voice, keyboard, stylus and templates.
  2. We have made documenting findings even easier by allowing you to directly capture photos into the chart – a feature that saves time and reduces charting. With our EMR system, you get the flexibility and mobility you need while having access to all the relevant data in one place. Get the best of both worlds: superior convenience combined with reliable patient care!
Billing Automation

EMR Advantage® is a complete billing solution that supports small, medium and multi-location practices in managing all patient, 3rd party, and hospital billing. Our application allows physicians and administrative staff to submit, monitor and review all claims through a straight-forward and easy to use application.

Results, Mail & Document Handling

It is no secret that doctors lose several hours a week to mail handling. Our system has the fastest mail system of any EMR. Its context sensitive action buttons ensure mail is filed, called back, rerouted or returned with your comments at the moment of your request, with a full audit trail.
Never look for mail, any mail that is pending is visible and if in a visit, is automatically promoted to the front of the visit so nothing is missed.
Our ability to trend specific lab results allows for quickly determining if a result is an artefact, an improvement or a cause for concern.
We are digitally connected to all the main labs across Ontario as well as OLIS, when a lab hasn’t been returned to you directly and you need the result with the patient in front of you.
We were the first in digital e-ordering, for both Dynacare and for Lifelabs.
Received mail can be written on or typed on, to quickly highlight a specific element for future reference when seeing a patient.
All mail can be forwarded or replied to using our communications hub button at the bottom of the mail item. No need to print, send and scan documents, forms, or Rx corrections. Complete the document at the moment and forward it, then hit file.
You will save 1-2 hours a week just from the ease of use and intelligent functionality of our mail tab.

Chronic Disease Management

Flow sheets available within EMR Advantage® allow physicians to closely monitor chronic care patients without devoting a substantial amount of time to data collection. This valuable tool simplifies the process of recording detailed information, booking follow-up visits, adding associated billing and creating visit notes.

Cumulative Preventative Care Bonus and Procedure Tracking

Incorporated within the EMR Advantage® application is the ability to track performed services and add exclusion and bonus codes for procedures included within the Cumulative Preventative Care program. EMR Advantage® generates eligibility lists, first and second contact letters and virtually manages preventative care programs for physicians.

EMR System
EMR System
EMR Embedded Transcription Services and/or Speech-to-Text

The dictation workflow tools developed by Canadian Health Systems allow practitioners to dictate their notes and professional letters directly into EMR Advantage® in the way they have become accustomed, without changing their practice style.
Outbound letters are formatted and sent automatically to referring physicians and third parties with relevant attachments.

Whether you are a physician, clinic owner or community health system, the EMR Advantage® platform is flexible, intuitive and easy to use. Connecting your practitioners, clinical staff and administrative staff seamlessly, it incorporates the complete practice workflow automation needed to manage your practice(s) more efficiently while reducing the workload and costs throughout your organization.

EMR System