Recognized as the best touch-screen patient
self-registration kiosk in Canada.

Self-registration kiosks are an essential fixture in any busy medical clinic. After first introducing our kiosk application in 1997, our development team at Canadian Health Systems Inc. has become a recognized expert in the intelligent design of kiosk technology in outpatient environments.

Completely integrated with EMR Advantage®, the self-registration kiosk application allows our clients to run an efficient practice while focusing on the most important task – providing exceptional patient care.

The EMR Advantage® kiosk improves the registration process by allowing patients to check-in for an appointment or register for a walk-in visit in the language of their choice. Through an intuitive touch-screen interface, patients are able to:

Enter and/or verify demographic information.
Select a preferred contact method.
Enter medical history.
Indicate any drug allergies.
Select the reason for visit and also select the doctor of choice.


The self-registration kiosk streamlines the registration process by time-stamping arrival and efficiently directing patients to wait comfortably in the reception area. The kiosk not only reduces costs but improves the overall level of patient care.
Benefits of the EMR Advantage® self-registration kiosks:

Shorter wait times and improved patient flow.
Less workload for administrative staff, more time to devote to patient care.
Elimination of data re-entry.
Reduction in errors and improved capture of email addresses and cell numbers.
Improved overall level of patient satisfaction.